Auditorio IBI

Auditorium IBI

The project is basically a 2,500 seat auditorium facility which is the headquarters to IBI (“Iglesia Bautista Internacional”, eng. International Baptist Church). As for the exterior appearance of the building, both the client and the architect shared the vision of making the building resemble a stone following the various biblical analogies to Jesus Christ both as a “rock” and as a “cornerstone”. Once in the interior, ceiling panels “float” and overlap at different heights on a radial pattern emulating the light beams of a sunrise. 

One of the main challenges was to design the whole facility adapting a storehouse metal structure the church had previously bought for that purpose.   

Main features

1. The visitor enters the auditorium area from a side-diagonal approach as the stage in the center can be seen surrounded by the acoustic ceiling system. By this means major hierarchy is conveyed to the stage, this differs from traditional western patterns where the visitor accesses the center axis rather directly.

2. On the one hand, being an auditorium, it has modulated sound, light, acoustic and ventilation systems respectively, but at the same time, -being a church- the seating area has only three different flat levels. This three wide platforms facilitate the hosting of activities that require table arrangements like conferences that include meals for example.

2. Different from many auditoriums, the layout has, apart from other aisles, a central circulation aisle mostly for wedding marches and theatrical performances.

3.  The stage has a theatrical upper box to store stage scenarios and at the same time includes a baptistery -hidden when not used- under floor wooden panels.

Architecture workshop team:

Jesús D’Alessandro, Daniel Forero, Susana Pimentel, Adil Jiménez, Odrys Queliz and Roberto Reyes

Engineering: LEXCO-EMC

Engineers at workshop: Marcia Calderón, José Reyes, Rocco Romano and Jorge Matos


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